1. D the weekly magazine of Italy’s la Repubblica newspaper published a feature of my Before We Land project this week. I’m not really sure what it says, but it looks great!


  2. I’m involved in a couple cool events at Photoville this weekend.

    On Friday evening, I’ll be showing work in the Slideluck projections. It’s curated by Matthew Leifheit from Vice and Gideon Jacobs from Magnum. They’re always fun. Come see some photos and bring a dish for the potluck. RSVP here.

    On Saturday afternoon, I’m speaking as part of the PDN 30 Panel on advice for emerging photographers, along with Josh Wool, Dina Litovsky, and Holly Stuart Hughes. It starts at 5pm.

    There are a bunch of other cool exhibits and plenty to see. Come out and say what’s up. Then I’ll come meet y’all at the Art Book Fair on Sunday.



  3. I’ve been working with J. Crew for two years now. They’re my most consistent client, but also my close friends. We’ve worked together on countless projects and stories. Today they’ve launched a beautiful home for all the work we’ve been creating. Check out the new J. Crew blog.

    — Bryan Derballa


  4. Bryan Derballa did a story about fashion start-ups for Wired Japan. It’s on newsstands on the other side of the world now.


  5. mikebelleme:

    Derballa back flip at Paradise Falls


  6. From Warmth by Andrew White.


  7. From "Norway Jose" by Danilo Parra.


  8. From Summer Deep by Jacob Biba.


  9. Here’s a tearsheet from Bryan Derballa’s shoot with Alex G for Rolling Stone.


  10. From "Norway Jose" by Danilo Parra.