1. The SF Chronicle did a profile on my friend Benny Gold. I spent a lot of time with Ben when he was starting his clothing line. I learned a lot through just observing his process. It was a huge inspiration when I was starting my career in freelance photography. Benny keeps it real.

    — Bryan Derballa

    (photo by Stephen Lam)


  2. pictured:

    went up to the mountains in topsham Vermont for the 4th with a rad crew and made some photos 

    Max Dworkin kills it.

  3. From If You Like Piña Coladas by Jon Chu.


  4. From If You Like Piña Coladas by Jon Chu.


  5. From If You Like Piña Coladas by Jon Chu.


  6. Sandy Kim is on the front of the Uniqlo website right now. Another step towards world domination for our favorite five-foot art star.


  7. I started skateboarding 20 years ago today. It’s been the single greatest influence in my life. It taught me who I am. It encouraged me to move beyond my small town and see the world. It gave me a passion that I’ve been able put towards all other aspects of my life. Thanks for a great twenty years.

    — Bryan Derballa

    (Photo by David Read in New Zealand in 2002)


  8. Our buddy Philip Montgomery photographed Ramadan for The New York Times. Here a man prays in a vacant Burger King.


  9. Monster Children also has an interview with Cole Barash and his 6 Girls 6 Cities project. Pretty sick.


  10. There’s some good stuff in the new Monster Children for Friends Friday. There’s a couple interesting stories from my new pal Daniel Arnold. This guy sees everything.